I’ve been a freelance illustrator since 2010, which means I have a full archive of past projects in a range of styles. I wanted to keep my landing page fresh and concise, but I didn’t want to totally eliminate the projects that I’m known for. Here’s the archive for those who want to get the full picture.

Picture Cook: See, Make, Eat

I wrote, designed and illustrated this collection of 50 visual recipes published by Ulysses Press in 2013. The project began in 2010 as a simple blog post on Drawn!, a popular illustration blog.Interest from publishers and agents started to come in organically based on the popularity of the post. The idea was eventually purchased by Ulysses Press, whose editor helped me to come up with the right format and layout for this unusual content. Most importantly, Ulysses was willing to take a bet on a type of book that had never been seen before in the market. And it was a very good bet! The book has enjoyed tremendous success, especially with parents of young children. Picture Cook has been translated and published in French, German, Chinese and Japanese. In September 2019, it was featured at the main exhibition of the Graphic Matters Festival in Breda, The Netherlands. It has also been included in the anthologies The Best American Infographics 2014, Phaidon’s The Cookbook Book, and Taschen’s Food & Drink Infographics. I was also interviewed about the book for coverage on NPR and Fast Co:Design.

Nature’s Remedies: An illustrated guide to healing herbs

Together with Chronicle Books as publisher and Tandem Books as packagers/designers, I created 70 watercolor paintings for this lovely hardcover herbal remedy guide published in 2016. With guidance from the book’s editor, designer and author, I aimed to depict these plants in the most attractive way possible, with the mission of pulling readers in to the book’s fascinating stories and facts about the power and history of these plants. I like to think of these paintings less as strict botanical illustrations and more as portraits of plants and all their surprising personality.

Del Cuerpo a Las Raíces

I illustrated the jacket and full-page plants for this wonderful book which passes down indigenous herbalists’ knowledge on women’s health. I worked with guidance from a collective of herbalists from Valparaíso, Chile who advised on how to accurately depict these powerful plants in a way that would be not just practical but also beautiful. I also worked together with a graphic designer on blending text and image for the front and back covers as well as the spine. For the cover, I created about 20 rough sketches to explore possible creative directions for together with the book’s editor. The selected cover design is inspired by old-fashioned botanical posters. I was happy to be part of a project that centers indigenous voices and wisdom.


I work with several organizations on flowchart-like diagrams that help explain the complex structures behind what they do. Whether the topic is law, neuroscience or technology, my aim is to make complex ideas easy and even friendly for all audiences to understand.