Serious Eats

Piece for an article by the editors of Serious Eats on food scenes in fiction. From the text:

“In front of a vast fireplace are the movie’s three stars, sitting down to an elegant dinner. Gene Wilder and Teri Garr are dressed like they’re going to the Oscars, while Marty Feldman as Igor is doing the best he can—you know, with the hump and all. Dessert is served: a Schwarzwälder kirschtorte (black forest cherry cake). There, in the castle, just above an inanimate monster hidden in the basement, the characters introduce the term “yummy sound” into our lexicon.”

“I’ve always wanted to eat two slices of pizza with one hand, the way John Travolta did in the opening sequence in Saturday Night Fever, but I’ve never quite mastered it. Every time I try, I end up with pizza all over my shirt. I think I get the fold right, but for whatever reason, the whole operation falls apart when I take away the other hand. To me, that was the best dance move Travolta had in the movie, and he wasn’t even wearing a white leisure suit at the time.”