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An illustration for the Fresh & New subscriber email newsletter. This edition was about text adventure games. From the text:

“’N, open door, N, E, examine chest, inventory, use key, take treasure’ – only the very best of these games managed to escape sub-Tolkein tropes, but those that did were better without graphics.

Infocom was by far the most prolific and well known publisher of text adventures in the early 1980s. They were clever, well written and tough. The Infocom story is fascinating and videogame historian Jimmy Maher has written at length on the era. Of note was the pitching of the value of text overgraphics, both in the Infocom advertising campaigns of 1982-84, and how they were rebadged from games to interactive fiction.”

a drawing of a small white figure with large keyboards, as if buildings, looming over them