Internal Monologue

A “theoretical” magazine treatment of the viral blog post Today I Learned that Not Everyone Has An Internal Monologue, And It Has Ruined My Day.

From the text:

“My life began to slowly spiral out of control with millions of questions. How do they get through the day? How do they read? How do they make decisions between choice A and choice B? My friend described it as “concept maps” that she sees in her brain. Another friend says that she literally sees the words in her head if she is trying to think about something. I was taking ibuprofen at this point in the day because my brain was literally unable to comprehend this revelation. How have I made it 25 years in life without realizing that people don’t think like me?”

Note: This is not my essay, just my theoretical illustration treatment if this essay were to be picked up by a magazine.

A magazine opened to an all-blue illustration of two faces, one happy with a flower on its head and one upset, with a microphone on its head.