This logo is for Zvi’s Deli, a pop-up food project in California featuring Vietnamese-Jewish fusion. I created several rough options for the team, who wanted their logo (and menu) to be inspired by the classic New York Jewish kitsch of Katz’ Delicatessen. They opted in the end for the long “hero sandwich” and lettering which evokes nostalgia for 50’s diners without being too cloying. Two other variations with a noodle and chopsticks are useful for scenarios where a square or vertical format better suits the task.


An “industrial-kitsch” inspired logo for the Chicago band, EXTRACTO. The band members knew quite exactly what they wanted, it was just a matter of executing this peculiar vision and “extracting” a mood and idea from their minds and onto the page. Lettering is custom-made for the occasion.


A vintage-inspired wordmark for Petrol artisanal coffee roasters in Bronx, New York City. The head roaster and owner knew that he wanted something akin to his favorite coca-cola logo, but not a direct knockoff. The end result evokes a bit of quirky Americana that is just right for this small-scale coffee operation.