Status Anxiety

Illustration from a work-in-progress collaboration with writer Ariella Thornhill. From the text:

“The root of these insecurities is something epidemiologist and sociologist Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson call “status anxiety”, the pervasive feeling of anxiety about your social value when you live in a society where extreme wealth is the most sought after marker of value. It is a direct result of a society where health, security and self-worth are affordable to the few and not the many. What is staggering about their research is that these ill effects happen across class, not matter how much you earn. The precarity of this system makes everyone insecure and uneasy, the negative effects are felt by all.” 

a pyramid with tiny people inside, all trying to scramble to the top. a helicopter hovers above, and even the people up high on the pyramid want to climb aboard and get higher.