IMG_20170312_113148I have been drawing and painting since I was just a little kid. I have always loved to make images that serve a useful purpose. Graphics for educators, flowcharts for budding chefs, comics that tell a story, murals that brighten a neighborhood, logos and labels that make a great product even better.

I can work in multiple styles. We can go for realistic or cartoony, colorful or muted, dreamy or crisp. I’m open to taking your direction, working with a moodboard of your favorite images, and pushing my work inside or outside of my existing stylistic bounds.

I like the challenge of making the style fit the project. I also work happily across digital and analog media. Watercolor, pencil, digital vector— you name it.

I don’t have an agent, which means you get to work directly with me, and for less. I prefer it that way!

I am great to work with (ask anyone who’s worked with me before!). I believe in sticking to my commitments, revising as much as needed, charging affordably and communicating clearly. I tend to deliver not only on time, but typically early.

Get in touch and let me know what project you have in mind. I currently live in Barcelona. I have dual USA/EU citizenship, and I’m willing to travel for the right project!

To see works in progress, drafts, sketches, exciting action shots, and other sundry surprises that don’t make it to this website— check out my profile on Instagram.