For illustrators

Illustrators of different levels often approach me via email or DM asking for advice on how to get started, how to develop a singular style, how to tackle pricing and find clients.

I am happy to share my knowledge and experience. The answers to these questions vary based on each illustrator’s individual situation, so I like to give each consultation the focused time and energy it deserves.

There is a wide world of client work out there, and the more we can work together to lift each other up, recommend each other, and create networks of support, the better we’ll all do as professionals in the long term. I see the freelance illustration community as a network of colleagues, not competitors.

For illustrators who want an experienced guide to review your unique situation and identify your areas for growth, book a session with me using the button below.

Portfolio review


A 1-hour video chat to review your portfolio together, talk about your goals and general advice for your illustration career.

One-session workshop 


Send me your questions and goals in advance, so I can tailor the session to your needs.

We’ll have a 1-hour video chat to address your questions, discuss resources, and plan the “next right step” in your career.

I’ll send a follow-up document which summarizes our chat and includes links to relevant resources.

Three-week workshop


Send me your questions and goals in advance, so I can tailor each session to your needs.

Week 1:

1-hour video meeting to review your illustration portfolio, discuss your goals and what’s challenging you right now.

Week 2:

1-hour video meeting to discuss positioning (where your work might fit in the illustration market), networking, and pitching your work the right way to the right people.

Week 3:

1-hour video meeting to discuss the all-important admin side: working with contracts, copyright, licensing and pricing.

I’ll send follow-up documents summarizing each chat, links to relevant resources, and a list of actionable steps to take your career to the next level.