Lievita Craft Beer

Brewed by Departed Soles Brewing Co in Jersey City, NJ, this refreshing artisanal beer is fermented from yeast from Razza’s own sourdough starter. The special yeast gives it a crisp, wheaty flavor that’s perfect for pairing with Razza pizza.

For this project, I provided a full suite of creative services: art direction, concept, illustration and design.

The design concept highlights the local ingredients inside this beer, through the symbol of jersey-grown wheat, and the state flower, which is the violet. The state insect of New Jersey is the honeybee. So this design is an ode to New Jersey, the Garden State, and all the excellent local ingredients that comprise this unique craft beer. The hands working the dough also give a nod to the role played by Razza’s own dough and yeast in the recipe.

This brew hits the market in December 2021, and is available for pre-order on the Departed Soles website.