Lycée Français Annual Fund

The iconic Lycée Français, a bilingual K-12 school in Manhattan, asked me to create an image to invite patrons to donate to the school’s Annual Fund. They liked the results so much, that we later adapted the piece to create a wide array of collateral.

The original brief asked me to focus on the staircase that is an architectural centerpiece of the school. I depicted the stair in a festive mood, with paper lanterns in school colors and students running up to meet their teachers and friends. The client also wanted to highlight the year’s theme: Together again – une année de joie au Lycée (Together again – a year of joy at Lycée.)

I created an animated version for use in email campaigns and social media. The design was also used on a paper card sent to Lycée families. We also adapted the design to a postcard and coloring sheet for use at a school fair. The Lycée graphic design team created a set of Instagram filters using my illustrated elements— nice idea!

What began as a simple project evolved into a visual campaign that carries through the school’s events and outreach materials for the 2021-22 school year.