Barcelona Staircase Mural

This 112-step, 10-part mural celebrates the 10th year of Caminart, is an annual arts festival in the neighborhood of El Carmel, Barcelona. The staircase has ten sections, one for every year of Caminart. For the first four years or so, it was a daytime festival and then later it became a nocturnal event, mostly to avoid the summer heat. The mural reflects this shift by going from dark to light colors as you walk up the steps. The mural was commissioned by Centro Civico del Carmel and Boca Nord.

The mural was painted with the help of around 100 volunteers over the course of three days. The youngest volunteer was 4 and the oldest was 96! They helped with priming, filling in colors, never-ending brush cleanup, and even bringing us homemade food. The local community was also invited to contribute their own words to be painted into the mural, like “barrio,” “poesía,” and “compañía.” (neighborhood, poetry, and company)

My warmest thanks to Ayla from Boca Nord, my friend Ciara and my partner Alonso for all your support in making this project happen.