The Helpers

A project highlighting stories of people who are helping others during the Covid-19 crisis.

Swishy strokes watercolor portrait of a young brown-haired woman

Arielle Geismar is a youth activist and organizer, currently studying her undergraduate degree at @gwuniveristy . She organizes for change around gun violence, mental health, anti-racism, and climate change. She’s using social media to support the mental health of her community in this difficult time, which is extra tough for those already struggling with mental health issues. 

Potrait of a woman with blond hair

Jen has started a group chat for her friends (and friends-of-friends) all about sharing the joy of music. The group brings together people from Italy, America, Germany, India, China, South Korea, South Africa, England and Spain (wow!) to share and discuss music and get their minds off the pandemic.

Portrait of a man with large eyes

Antonio works as a stock manager at a large supermarket in Reus, Spain. With his calm determination, he’s doing his part to keep people fed during this crisis.